This is the first children's book in a series about two Huskies. But as far as the dogs are concerned, Let the adventures begin!

The Adventures of Cain & Frankie, The Husky Brothers “The Beginning” by Jodi Ekberg and Jaclyn Lisman

About the Book

Cain & Frankie are two Siberian Huskies who were brought into their human families lives as young puppies to help their mom through cancer treatments and other illnesses and injuries due to the treatments. Since they were not brought in as pets they were treated more like children than dogs. The boys, as their family calls them have had many adventures together that most children do not get to experience. This book is the first in a series of children’s books documenting their many adventures through their mom’s stories and real life photo’s.

About the Author

Jodi Ekberg works in the legal field and this is her first adventure in writing. Her husband brought two Siberian huskies into her life to help her through cancer and many surgeries. Her two boys as she calls them have helped her with the healing process and have been brought up as children instead of as dogs. Both Jodi and her husband spend as much time as possible with the two boys. They have allowed the dogs to have so many experiences that most children do not get a chance to have and Jodi has documented them all through pictures. The boys are very close and do everything together. They have gone camping, boating, tubing, swimming and will be taking a road trip to Florida in November. Due to a lot of people encouraging her to write a series of children’s books about her boys, Jodi collaborated with Jaclyn Lisman who is the co-writer of the book and The Adventures of Cain & Frankie, The Husky Brothers was born.

Jaclyn Lisman is currently in grad school and is going for her masters in special education and literacy. She graduated from SUNY Oswego where she majored in elementary education with a concentration in English and is a certified elementary school teacher. Although the stories are told by Jodi, Jaclyn has had a big part in putting Jodi’s words into writing.

The series of books will be appealing to both children and adults as Cain & Frankie are real life dogs that have been living the lives of children. They eat what their parents eat, sleep in their parents beds and go almost everywhere their parents go. The pictures that are in the books will bring a smile to most peoples faces. They truly are amazing dogs.


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